Team Building Play for Work-Life Roles

Nechama Robinson's Right Brain Parenting Seminars offer parents in the workplace engaging, integrated support for all facets of their work-life roles.

An April, 2013, Forbes article cites research that surveyed "health and wellness managers from 378 organizations across all continents and a broad spectrum of industries including government, FMCG, banking, accounting, I.T, manufacturing, mining and others" regarding the low employee attendance rates for employer wellness programs.

45% of employees cite low fun/engagement factor (second only to lack of time) as a reason for not participating in wellness initiatives. (Strauss. April, 2013)

In this article, Strauss notes that, only 10% of organizations reported their programming as achieving significant levels of fun, despite the fact that, "employee engagement and morale are important, and a vast majority of employees see fun as a top priority."

Right Brain Parenting seminars facilitate parental team culture through a fun and playful workshop experience.


Employee Groups/Target Audiences

  • Parents of preschool/school age children
  • Parents of children with unique needs, temperaments and language skills
  • Single Parents
  • Moms
  • Dads


Interactive Activity based format promotes team atmosphere and problem-solving mindset.
Scheduling Options:
  • Introductory, 45 minute luncheon ice-breaker
  • 90 minute, pilot program stand-alone session
  • 4 week series of 1 hour, weekly sessions.
  • 6-8 week series of 1 hour, weekly sessions. This program includes an option to prioritize company-specific team objectives.

Schedule & Pricing

For pricing and schedule availability, please email us at or call at 408.540.9590


  • Team Building for the Dual Role: Solution-oriented support through play
  • Leading the Game: Leveraging the power of play at home & in the workplace
  • Playing for Answers: Needs based, focus group style, creative problem-solving model for help achieving family and company goals
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A creative educator holding a degree in counseling early childhood, Nechama Robinson has spent the past two decades juggling work and parenthood.

Committed to helping busy parents find support through collaborative play, Nechama offers companies and their employees an integrated approach to team building that supports personal and professional success.

With a strong empathy for parents pulled between two distinct and equally demanding commitments, Nechama’s goal is to offer the support parents need to achieve maximum satisfaction in their personal and professional roles.

I recently attended the Right Brain Parenting workshop at UNT.  It is important to have programs like this to effectively teach methods of tapping into the right brain, especially for engineers and other creative professionals.M. Sweeney, Art Engineer
Nechama’s workshop has given me a way to engage the right brain process.L. Dennis, Family Support Coordinator
The Right Brain Parenting seminar I attended was designed with great creativity.B. Howe, Researcher
Nechama is the kind of person you enjoy working with because she is ready and willing to roll up her sleeves and get down to business.Paul Ellul, VP of Operations at SpeakerMatch